March 25, 2008

Shawn Stockman - Visions Of A Sunset


Visions Of A Sunset is currently my favorite song, and this is included on the soundtrack of the 1996 movie Mr. Holland's Opus. I already heard this song way back. But it was just recently when I began to truly appreciate it. It is one of those songs where in as an artist, I find myself saying, "Man, I wish I wrote this song", or "I wish I played in this song." The song is just so beautifully done. For me, it's a perfect musical piece. Every element of the song is finely executed. I wish we can create a song as exquisite and as meaningful as this.

We all know how incredible Shawn Stockman is as a singer. Boyz II Men is one of my favorite R&B groups, I love their work, and Shawn is a huge part of their style. But Shawn simply nailed it all in this song. Shawn's voice is so soulful and soothing. He expressed the fitting emotions and dynamics, and in breathtaking manner. One can feel that he sang it straight from the heart. And the orchestration - the strings, flutes, and special sound effects - beautifully fit the music's theme.

The message of the song is so beautiful, and it could mean many things to different people. Some think about God. Some are reminded of loved ones who passed away. Some may recall special memories. Some can relate it with their special someone. This is how I exactly feel, as posted by someone who commented on YouTube - "To see a sunset when your eyes are closed is absolutely beautiful. It takes your eyes off of all the pain that you endure. Just the thought of being close to heaven with that special someone or that special something is something to think about."

The song is so beautiful, it moved me. This is probably the most heartfelt song I ever heard. Listen to it with your eyes closed. It will hit you.