July 15, 2010

Aaron Spears: Caught Up / Sex Machine 2005

Here's a video of Usher and James Brown's Caught Up / Sex Machine performance at the 2005 Grammy Awards.  This was the breakout performance of drummer Aaron Spears which drove the whole drumming community nuts, like "Oh my god, who's that drummer?!"  Since then, Aaron Spears has become one of the leading drummers in the pop and R&B field.  Check out his tight groove and his unbelievably sick licks throughout the performance.  Then brace yourselves for the killer drum fill at the end, at the 4:20 mark.

Man, I still can't get over missing the Usher concert last week, plus the opportunity to meet Aaron Spears (as documented on my previous blog).  And I also missed the Benny Greb drum clinic (organized by local Meinl distributors Lyric) last Saturday (but I had to choose between that or my sister's birthday celebration with family; tough, but I chose the latter).