November 24, 2005

I Got A New Toy! God Bless My Uncle...

I'm a really happy drummer right now because I just got a brand new toy! I have a brand new Tama 5"x13" All Maple snare drum! I got it from my Uncle Chit Ramirez, from the US. Tito Chit had it shipped here from the States and I received it earlier this week. What a beautiful looking snare drum. It's simple yet elegant with its natural maple finish. And what's more stunning is how it sounds. It really compliments my band's music. Yesterday, I got to use it for the first time on a rehearsal and on a gig, and me & my bandmates were impressed with the snare's crack and response. Ang sarap & ang lutong ng tunog! Even our road manager Miss Rootchie commented that the snare really sounded good during the gig.

It feels so good having new gear. Even if I'm already inspired to make music and play my drums, opportunities like this give me that extra push. Tito Chit sure knows how to pick a good instrument. Thanks Tito Chit!

My Uncle Chit happens to be one of the geniuses in the family. My mom told me stories about his brilliance. He always tops in his class during his days in school. There was even this one test conducted by some foreign scientists, I think, where in he was the only one Filipino who was able to answer the tough question (my Mom forgot what question was it). One of Tito Chit's pastimes is reading books; and he has so many books, it can fill up a whole room. My Mom said that it sure pays off being a wide reader, and I surely agreed on that. He's also into a number of hobbies like modelmaking & guitars.

He worked as a scientist here in the Philippines before he and his family immigrated to the US a decade ago. It was only last year that he returned home here in the Philippines to attend his youngest brother's wedding & to see relatives. Tito Chit is my ninong, and I consider him as one of my favorite uncles. He learned that I was really serious with my drumming, so he told me that he's gonna get me some gear from the States.

I'm not the only one who got a new toy. My uncles, Tito Chit's brothers, also got brand new guitars from him. Tito Chit has 4 brothers, and 3 of them happen to be really close & whenever they're together, they usually set up a jam session. They're so into music too, that one of them has an impressive guitar collection. And of course, whenever they jammed, it's also an inuman session, with a few more relatives joining the fun. My Dad, who happens to be friends with my uncles since their San Beda days, told me stories about their combo during those times. They play a lot of stuff from The Beatles & surf music bands such as The Ventures & The Shadows. This is the repertoire of our jams.

It's always fun jamming with my uncles. Even though it's not really the kind of music that I am into, I enjoyed jamming with them & it's nice to play some of these old stuff. It's like a humble learning opportunity & a chance to pay a little tribute to those musical pioneers, in particular, Ringo & The Beatles. And whenever they take a break, I jam with some of my cousins. We play the newer stuff.

My uncle is coming home this January for my cousin's wedding. He already told us to gear up our new instruments & start practicing for another jam session hahaha! I'm looking forward to that.