September 5, 2009

Tama Starphonic Snare Drums... *wow!*

Most of my drummer buddies are aware of how much of a gearhead I can be when it comes to drum stuff. I love well-designed, well-crafted, and innovative drum equipment.

Now here's another new snare drum line which has caught my fancy... The new Tama Starphonic snare drums.

I think Tama's designers and engineers have once again raised the bar. They have created some new elements in snare drum design. It has everything that you would hope for in an ideal snare drum - great looks, great sound, and excellent quality; with the addition of some "noteworthy advancements" (quoted from Tama's marketing campaign on this new line). The Starphonic has several new key features, such as the Freedom Lugs and Claw Hooks (which allows a faster and more clutter-free drumhead replacement), the Grooved Hoops (no holes; instead, these hoops have this groove/channel that holds the Freedom Claw Hooks, and has a special profile design inspired by "stick-saver hoops"), and the new Linear Drive strainer and detachable butt plate. Very smart design.

The Tama Starphonic is also now in my snare drum wish list. Bravo!!