April 9, 2010

The Pearl Demon Drive: Another Ideal Pedal Choice

I mentioned in this blog which I wrote a couple of months ago about my aspiration of acquiring a very good double bass pedal, in particular, the Axis A Longboard model which I was able to try out at The Drum Shop. Like what I said, I admire its design and mechanical simplicity, and it works and feels like a dream. However, adding to its high costs (because it's made in the US), I have heard and read reviews & comments regarding reliability issues & how hard it can be to get hold of its spare parts. These concerns are huge factors for working musicians like me.

I still dig the Axis. But, as a strong alternative, I am now considering this product: The Pearl Demon Drive double bass pedal.

The Demon Drive is Pearl's latest pedal creation. Actually, it was introduced early last year, and it has become a hit among many drummers all over the world, especially to most double bass shredders out there. This is Pearl's most advanced pedal design. It's got direct link drive, Ninja ball bearings (which are used on skateboards), Zero Latency U-Joints, and a host of other convenience and performance features. The most impressive part is its ability to be converted from a split-type footboard pedal into a longboard pedal, and back. By far, this is the only pedal out of the market with that capability. Plus, it's an added bonus that it looks cool too.

But for me, the best things about the Demon Drive are: it's sold a bit cheaper than the Axis (and most high-end US-brand double pedals), it's Japanese (i find the Japanese brands more reliable), and spare parts are more accessible (thanks to Pearl's local distributor, JB Music).

I've already tried a single pedal version of the Demon Drive recently at a session gig in 19 East, where they have it on standby. It was easy on the foot and I like how it felt. And that pedal was on its stock splitboard mode. I wish I had the time to convert it in longboard mode & tinker with some of its settings.

I am now giving the Demon Drive a strong consideration.