November 5, 2010

Journey Live In Manila DVD

"Rarely is a band given a chance to capture a crowning moment that followed a period of discovery, new beginnings and fulfillment."

- From the Journey Live in Manila DVD booklet.

March 14, 2009, Mall Of Asia Concert Ground, Manila... I experienced the best rock concert I've ever attended.  And it was not just another concert by Journey, one of the most successful and most enduring supergroups in rock and music history.  It was a celebration of Filipino pride, talent, and spirit; a special homecoming for Arnel Pineda, one of the all-time best Filipino rock singers.  I documented my Journey concert experience in my mid-March 2009 blog.

I'm so glad the producers filmed this monumental concert.  For those who were present in that two-and-a-half hour show one hot mid-March evening last year, this is a neatly-packaged remembrance and a chance to relive Journey's excellent performance & Arnel's moment of glory.  And to those who missed the concert, you need to grab a copy of this DVD.  Buy the original DVD, enjoy the concert, read the liner notes about Arnel's humble beginnings and opportunity of a lifetime, and be proud to be a Filipino.

Whenever I watch the concert DVD at home, I always get a healthy dose of inspiration and a sense of pride.
  Many times I would get the goosebumps & go teary-eyed,  from the moment Arnel enters the stage to start the concert, during times when Arnel says his spiels in Filipino and screams "Proud to be Pinoy!", to those tear-jerking moments whenever Arnel hits the high notes or finishes a killer ballad with so much power and passion.

If you haven't seen the Journey Live in Manila DVD yet, especially to my fellow Filipinos, please do yourselves a favor.  Go grab a copy now.  The original DVD, of course.


Special mention to my companions at the Journey concert in Manila:  My friend and classmate from La Salle Greenhills, Ryan Manalastas; our dear friend who got us the concert tickets, Sunshine Mendoza; and to my good friend, my manager's husband, a fellow drummer & Arnel Pineda's close friend and former bandmate, Joel "Jumi" David.  And yes, Jumi is seen many times at the Live in Manila video (in front of the stage, at the corner of the catwalk near guitarist Neal Schon's spot).