November 16, 2015

fuseboxx - Ulanarao (Live in Baguio, Feb 2014)

I want to share this footage of my gig with Filipino progressive rock band fuseboxx last February 2014 in Baguio City, Philippines.  Ulanarao is one of the songs from fuseboxx's first album.  The song is pretty much a heavy prog-rock tune with straight-ahead 4/4 grooves, tribal tom patterns, double bass drum parts, and some odd-time twists (7).

My drum set-up on this gig: 5x13" Tama Artwood Maple snare drum, Tama Superstar drums, Tama Speed Cobra double bass pedal, Zildjian cymbals.  I wish I had more toms and cymbals. =D

Fuseboxx (2014):
Abby Clutario - vocals, keys, Chapman stick
Eric Tubon - keys
Mico Ong - guitar
Anthony Dio - drums

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