September 25, 2009

A Short But Meaningful Chat with Kenjhons

We from K24/7 have tremendous love, respect, and admiration for our brothers and sisters from the Philippine Allstars. My band and their "band" of dancers have been good friends for quite some time now, and we do love and support each other. Among those amazing Allstars bros is Kenjhons, who is very supportive to K24/7 and many more Filipino R&B/hip-hop acts. Kenjhons recently hung out at our gig last week at Off The Grill. It's always a blast whenever he's around to jam with us, showcasing his vocal abilities and unbelievable dance moves. He also happens to be one of the most inspiring and most positive individuals around. It's always great hanging out with him.

During a breaktime in between sets, Kenjhons and I had a short chat. He told me how much he enjoys our music and my drumming, which is such a humbling compliment from an artist of his stature. Kenjhons said that he may not be a drummer, but he can feel the groove in my drumming; the bounce, the pulse, the pitik... He can feel that the music we're playing is coming from the heart. He appreciates what I contribute to the music.

Then I told him about my little secret when it comes to grooving. "Whenever we're playing fast/upbeat songs, you and the Allstars are my inspirations. Whenever I'm laying down a beat, I try to visualize you guys dancing. Even with the slower songs, I still try to visualize. As a drummer, I have to make it feel good for you guys. It's like, I need to help you guys dance your best. And in return, your dancing helps me groove better. It's a give-and-take thing."

I knew Kenjhons understood me, with his clenched right fist pounding the left side of his chest.

Artists inspiring one another is always a beautiful thing.

Here are a few clips of Kenjhons jamming with us last week. Videos courtesy of Neil Santos Limon (Thanks, Neil!).