June 29, 2010

K24/7 Highlight: Music Update Live TV Guesting

Last night, K24/7 guested on ABS-CBN's Music Uplate Live, a late night music show that features Filipino artists.  It was like a last minute thing for us, as our TV guesting for this show was confirmed just last weekend.

The show last night was hosted by two great Filipino artists - the multi-talented 6cyclemind drummer & Protein Shake frontman Tutti Caringal, and the lovely soul siren Nina.

Tutti mentioned that it was the first time that there was a full band setup in the show, compared to the acoustic setups which were the norm on previous shows.  And because the show isn't accustomed (yet) to full band setups, I needed to bring out my drumkit.  Thinking about some of the potential technical limitations, I decided to go for a minimalist drum set-up - a 20" kick, my Magic Drum 13" Tama Artwood snare, a 14" tom on my right, hi-hats on my left, and a ride cymbal over the kick drum.  Later on I wished I brought the whole rig, after realizing that the sound system had enough drum mics for a full drumkit.  Anyway, it's alright because at times it can be fun playing on a few drums and a couple of cymbals.

My kit was set up right in the middle of the studio set because of its bigger footprint, while all my bandmates were on the platform.  For a change, I was in front of my bandmates.  I prefer being at the back where I can see everyone, but I had no choice last night. 

My bandmates played through direct boxes because there were no amps provided.  E decided to use his acoustic guitar last night, which brought a more relaxed, organic, and unplugged vibe to our music.  A Korg keyboard was provided for Ian.

For me, this was one of the most fun TV guestings we ever had so far.  We were all having fun, playing music, jamming and chatting with fellow artists Tutti & Nina.  We didn't notice that the show already went overtime, and how we wished that time didn't fly too fast.  We hope that we can be guests again next time.

Thanks to Tutti, Nina, direk Martin, and the ABS-CBN/Music Uplate Live crew.  Thanks to The Amazing Playground for the shirts and jackets we wore last night.  And thanks to everyone who watched the show and appreciated our music!   By this time, there should be some video uploads of the show last night.  Just look it up on Facebook.

Ian playing on my set-up during soundcheck.

Fan favorite Paolo takes his turn on my kit while Ian checks the keys.

K24/7 rhythm section. D, E, Ian & Gian.

All photos posted were captured using Anthony Dio's camera phone.