July 3, 2010

Peart & Portnoy: Two Masters in One Photo

Just sharing.  The other day, Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy posted this on his Twitpic...

They are two of my greatest drumming inspirations.  On the left is Neil Peart, drummer of legendary rock group Rush.  On the right is Mike Portnoy.  Behind them is Peart's latest DW/Sabian touring kit.

"As I have 2 days off from the DT tour, I'm flying to Kansas City to catch Rush...(thx to the gracious Mr. Peart for the personal invite!)" -

"Not only is Neil Peart an exceptional drummer and an inspirational human being, he is an incredibly gracious host!" -

"I am truly humbled to have developed a friendship with one of my childhood heroes..."  -

- Mike Portnoy, via Twitter

I consider this as a very rare photo, considering Peart's legendary privacy and Portnoy's ultra-busy schedule.  It's very rare to see these two progressive rock drumming icons together in one photo.  Long live the kings!

P.S. (July 6) - Mighty Mike posted this photo yesterday...

"OK OK...because so many of you inquiring minds wanna know...Neil did let me play his kit...and it was awesome! : )" - Mike Portnoy, 7/5/10