September 2, 2010

On Being Focused vs. Being a Jack Of All Trades

I remember having this conversation with one of my musician friends back in college.

ME:  "You know what?  I admire your ability to play many kinds of musical instruments.  You can play the bass, guitar, violin, keyboards...  You can play them all well.  I admire multi-talented musicians like you.  While I can only play the drums."

FRIEND:  "But I admire you for being focused on only one instrument.  By concentrating on the drums, you're on your way to mastering it."

Later on, we went on to reflect upon these ideas.

Some people are natural jack of all trades.
  These multi-skilled types have the ability to exceptionally perform various tasks and skills.  Some are able to excel in at least two or more different fields.  Some may not excel, yet they have the ability to accomplish every task or action with satisfactory results.

Meanwhile, some people can't pull that off.  Instead, they opt to focus on one particular talent, task or skill, and dedicate their heart, mind & soul into it.  Attention is undivided.  Passion and commitment are stronger.  Many of these focused types are able to excel in their chosen craft or field.

So, which type are you?  And how do you do your thing(s)?