January 6, 2011

UKZ - Radiation

Happy New Year, folks!

To kickstart my blog this 2011, I'm sharing this music video of an awesome progressive rock piece by virtuoso supergroup UKZ, featuring German superdrummer & ambidextrous technical wizard Marco Minnemann.

UKZ is a virtuoso supergroup formed by former 'UK' keyboard/electric violin legend Eddie Jobson with ex-King Crimson stick player Trey Gunn; Austrian guitar prodigy Alex Machacek; former Expanding Man vocalist Aaron Lippert; and German drumming phenom Marco Minnemann.

The video features some great overhead shots of Marco, showing some of the challenging things that he can effortlessly do on the drumkit.  Plus, I'm digging his Ghost In The Machine (The Police) t-shirt.

I'm also opening the year with the most curious inquiry...  How true is it that Marco Minnemann is the new drummer of Dream Theater?  Honestly, I think that'll be a very exciting team-up, musically.

*Special thanks to my friend, Fuseboxx guitarist Michael Ong, who shared this video on Facebook months ago.