February 17, 2011

My First Attempt in Cooking: Basil Pesto

Belated Happy Valentine's, everyone!

I'd like to share a few photos of my first-ever attempt in cooking.  This is quite a big deal for me because I've never tried cooking special dishes.  Eating and frying are just two of my most natural skills when it comes to food.  Until finally, I thought that it's never too late to learn (of course), and it's about time that I try doing something new and worthwhile.  Here are a few photos of my first-ever pasta dish: Basil Pesto.

My ingredients.
Good thing we have this electric chopper handy. Every kitchen should have one.
First-ever basil pesto creation... Not bad!
I used whole wheat noodles, which makes it quite a more healthful treat.
Okay, let's eat! =)

Yeah I know this is a piece of cake for some of you folks out there who cook a lot.  My noodles may not be perfectly cooked, but I'm quite proud of what I just made.  It's delicious, and my Mom and Dad even enjoyed it!  Now I know why cooking can be such a rewarding thing to do.  Not bad for a novice in the kitchen!

Special thanks to A for the special recipe*. =)

* It's a secret recipe.  Sorry I can't post it here. =D