May 5, 2011

Mike Mangini: New Drummer of Dream Theater

Finally, Dream Theater introduced their new drummer a few days ago, replacing the mighty Mike Portnoy.  Way to go, Mike Mangini!  The three-part The Spirit Carries On video series which documented Dream Theater's search for a new drummer, highlighted by the audition of seven world-class technical drummers.

Thanks to this video series, which was recently uploaded by RoadRunner Records on YouTube, I gained respect and appreciation of Mike Mangini's talent, abilities, and attitude.  At first, I was thinking of Marco Minnemann, who I think would have been also a great fit for Dream Theater.  But I thought that Mike Mangini would do a wonderful job in carrying the torch.

* Check out Mike Mangini's interview (04 May 2011) on Modern Drummer Online.

* You can backread My Sentiments on Mike Portnoy (and his Dream Theater departure), written on September 14, 2010.