September 23, 2011

Another Broken Pedal... A Gibraltar This Time

Early this month, another bass drum pedal broke while I was using it.  This time, it's a Gibraltar Intruder double chain bass drum pedal.

It happened during the middle of our last song of the night at my band's bar gig.  The Gibraltar's baseplate just gave in.  And it's shocking to me because first of all, I can't believe that another pedal gave in while I was playing it (and I'm not even an abusive drummer who finds pleasure in breaking stuff).  And second, it's a Gibraltar, and it's NOT supposed to happen to a reputable hardware brand/product like it.

The baseplate simply broke into two.  And upon inspection, my drummer friend Joel David and I noticed that the baseplate isn't thick or strong enough to support repetitive heavy playing.

It's quite disappointing, considering that it's among the higher-end Gibraltar models.  First, it was the DW 5000s (as documented on these blogs - Part 1 & Part 2).  Now I'm gonna add Gibraltar to my pedal blacklist.  I'm really going back to those strong, reliable, good old Tama pedals...

A part of the broken baseplate's still screwed underneath the heel board. The non-slip rubber mat is still attached to the larger half of the broken baseplate.

Gibraltar Intruder: blacklisted.
Photos courtesy of Joel David.